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140 Cage: Secure Projector Cage

The 140 projector cage provides a secure, robust and proven method to protect projectors from theft.  Due to the stringent tests each accredited product will have undertaken, These devices are recommended by police forces and insurance companies throughout the UK.  Our 140 range of projector cages are the only AV security devices tried and tested against attack conditions.  The cages have also been endorsed to Secure By Design (SBD) standards. 

The device is integrated with our innovative swivel-ball mechanism that enables the mounted projector to be rotated through 360º and tilted up to 35° in all directions.  Further versatility is provided by adjustable side panels, which adapt to accommodate the various positions of lenses, cooling fans, control panels and connection points that are incorporated into different projector types. When in use, full functionality of the projector is retained.

  • Protects projectors from theft through the use of drill-resistant locks
  • Designed in four sizes to secure the majority of projector models
  • Unique design enabling 360º rotation and 35º tilt
  • Versatile panels that retain full functionality
  • Attaches to a standard 50mm diameter column
  • Standard colours: white, dark grey and black

The Projector Cage is now available as part of a total security mounting kit, which incorporates a lockable ceiling plate and mounting column at a discounted price.  For more information, visit our Projector Mounting Kits.

140 Cage - Secure projector cage

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140 Cage - Swivel-ball mechanism enabling 360° rotation and 35° tilt 140 Cage - Attaches to a 50mm column 140 Cage - Fastens shut through use of drill-resistant locks 140 Cage - Tried and tested under attack conditions

Product Code Image Description Price Select
140/3 140/3 - Secure Projector Cage  Available until stocks exhausted
Projector sizes up to: 333mm(W) x 250mm(D) x 75mm(H)
(£398.40 inc VAT)
140/4 - Secure Projector Cage  Available until stocks exhausted
Projector sizes up to: 327mm(W) x 250mm(D) x 100mm(H)
(£398.40 inc VAT)
140/5 - Heavy Duty Secure Projector Cage  Available until stocks exhausted
Projector sizes up to: 373mm(W) x 295mm(D) x 125mm(H)
(£417.60 inc VAT)

Colour Options

Dark Grey

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