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AV Spyda

A product of innovative design, the AV Spyda has fully adjustable, strong mounting arms that fit the majority of projector sizes.  The versatility of the four arms accommodates for the variety of fixing positions possessed by different projectors, eliminating the extra cost and inconvenience of special fixings.

The device is integrated with our innovative swivel-ball mechanism that enables the mounted projector to be rotated through 360º and tilted up to 35º in all directions. When in use, full functionality of the projector is retained.

  • Original model to accommodate the majority of AV projectors
  • Unique design enabling 360º rotation and 35º tilt
  • Attaches to a standard 50mm diameter column
  • Easy to use and install
  • Standard colours: white, dark grey and black

The AV Spyda is now available as part of a complete mounting kit, which incorporates a ceiling plate and mounting column at a discounted price.  For more information, visit our Projector Mounting Kits.

AV Spyda - A product of innovative design

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AV Spyda - Manufactured with four strong mounting arms AV Spyda - The versatile arms accommodate for the majority of projector types AV Spyda - Retains full functionality of the projector AV Spyda - Incorporates a swivel-ball mechanism enabling 360º rotation with a 35º tilt AV Spyda - The full kit AV Spyda - Mounting hole positions

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Universal Projector Mount
(£105.60 inc VAT)

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Dark Grey