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Writing Capture Surfaces

Glass or Ceramic Inlay

Glass or ceramic inlaid surfaces allow you to write directly onto the worktop. Choose your finish to optimise visualiser quality on the presentation screen. Wet wipe is a surface for a “damp” not wet cloth and because it is below 20% gloss level you will experience fewer reflection issues. Dry wipe is easier to clean, whether you select glass or ceramic as your medium and is in use in the majority of spaces where the lighting quality allows.

Turn your product into a more effective workspace through the use of dry, or wet wipe, table inserts.

Our write-on surfaces for lecterns, coupled with an appropriate visualiser, allow you to effectively display content through projection equipment on the fly. 

Use these surfaces for collaboration and sharing without printing and distribution.

Collaborative meetings are easily documented using modern technology; brainstorm, take notes and other details you usually write on a notepad. Going paperless has never been this simple. Facilitate your digital document management system by using furniture that allows meeting notes and ideas in the office to be shared, scanned and stored electronically.

Whether you are showing notes, writing on the fly, demonstrating physical items or simply avoiding printing wasteful copies, the advantage of a quality-writing surface is self evident.

Writing Capture Surfaces - CONTOUR AV Lectern

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Writing Capture Surfaces - CONTOUR  AV Lectern Writing capture surfaced - EXPERT  AV Lectern Wrtining capture surfaces - AV Furniture - University Lecture Theatre Writing Capture Surfaces - AV Furniture - Available on SYNERGY

Product Code Image Description Price Select
GS-DW Glass Inlay - Dry Wipe
Prices based on a  MAXIMUM  area (A3 square 420x420 + border)
(£760.80 inc VAT)
CC-DW Ceramic Inlay - Dry Wipe
Prices based on a  MAXIMUM  area (A3 square 420x420 + border)
(£693.60 inc VAT)
CC-WW Ceramic Inlay - Wet Wipe
Prices based on a  MAXIMUM  area (A3 square 420x420 + border)
(£693.60 inc VAT)