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Case Studies

University of Southampton - Creating exceptional teaching and learning spaces

The University of Southampton’s new Centenary Building was developed to provide students with state of the art facilities to enhance their learning. We were approached to provide ‘lecturer benches’ for several new spaces including a large 250-seat theatre and several smaller rooms.

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University of Leeds - Leeds Business School (TeachingGLASS)

Leeds University Business School were in the process of altering their learning strategy to be more focussed towards blended learning, encouraging students to complete their online learning before taking part in workshops and seminars where they could then implement what they had learned.

Sean Gledhill and the Enhancement & Innovation Team were tasked with developing more exciting blended learning experiences for students and were concentrating on improving the standard of their online video content.

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TATA Motors - Immersive VR/AR Suite

TOP-TEC were recently tasked with provided a range of Technical Furniture solutions for a brand new 'Immersive VR/AR Suite' for TATA Motors.
They wanted to create a flexible & configurable environment that could accommodate differing requirements for the room and provide a station that can securely integrate AV/IT Equipment to control aspects of the VR environment. All of the furniture also required special non-reflective matte black finishes.

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Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital Library - Multipurpose Workspace Furniture

TOP-TEC recently provided workspace solutions for a new library development at Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital. The Hospital wanted to create 3 distinct spaces in the library; an open plan study area that could be used for collaborative, ICT, and non-ICT based activities, a quiet study space and a bookable meeting room that doubled as an additional workspace.

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University of Bristol - IT Learning Labs (Merchant Venturers Building)

TOP-TEC recently provided ICT workspaces for over 276 students as part of £2million refurbishment project for two brand new 'IT Learning Labs' located in the School of Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and Engineering Maths (SCEEM).

The University wanted to create spaces that were engaging, interactive and easy for the students and lecturers to use, whilst also providing height adjustable solutions to enable Equality Act compliance within the space. Any furniture installation must also adhere to the contractor’s strict predetermined floor box locations.

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University of Bedfordshire - Luton Campus - Bespoke Audio Visual Lecterns

TOP-TEC were recently tasked with creating bespoke lectern solutions for a series of engineering laboratories as part of their brand-new flagship Luton Campus project. The University required mobile and height adjustable teaching stations that could be adjusted to suit the individual teacher's needs. Each unit also needed to incorporate Trespa worktops for use in the labs and worktop handles, smooth castors and an effective cable management system.

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University of Hull - Collaborative Breakout Area - Larkin Building

The University wanted to transform an empty unused corridor space into a more productive learning environment. Any furniture installation must be able to effectively integrate AV/IT equipment, encourage collaboration between users and provide a base for quick impromptu discussions for project and group work.

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University of Derby - B226 Collaboration Lab

The University wanted to develop an engaging space to encourage students to work together for a more collaborative outcome, helping move away from traditional style lecture theaters and classroom setups. They wanted to 'sit and the forefront of technology' and introduce the latest AV/IT equipment to support new and innovative teaching methods, creating an easy-to-use 'Collaboration Lab' for up to 45 students.

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University of Wolverhampton - Emergency and Disaster Planning Room (Telford Innovation Campus)

As part of the Telford Innovation Campus refurbishment, room SA063 was selected for transformation into a new learning space. From the beginning of the project the University had one key objective, to provide teachers and students with an increased variety of learning spaces to choose from throughout the campus. TOP-TEC were tasked with providing collaborative furniture solutions for up to 31 students and to also provide a base for the implementation of a brand-new 'two-way lecture' format.

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University of South Wales - Business School - Flexible Learning Space

TOP-TEC were tasked with transforming an empty uninviting atrium space in the Business School into a more productive learning environment that could be used for a variety of applications. The space would need to be used as a collaborative teaching / breakout space, but would still need to accommodate additional footfall for University open days. Any installed furniture solutions would need to be flexible, to help create a multi-purpose space that would fully maximise the use out of the area.

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University of Northampton - Flexible Teaching Spaces

The University of Northampton had recently completed its purpose built campus and needed to create spaces that fit the expectations of their modern students utilising technology and employing modern teaching methods designed to keep students engaged. The University had a number of different requirements including brackets that could fit a range of screens, a way to utilise screens and deliver lessons in open plan areas and a secure and tamper proof housing for hardware that would drive their state of the art wayfinding system.

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CSIS Learning Lab - National Louis University, Chicago Campus

Having secured funds to develop a brand-new learning space, National Louis University required collaborative solutions for a fit-for-purpose 'Computer Science & Information Systems (CSIS) Learning Lab' for up to 32 students. Their main objective was to introduce Active Leaning methods to the university to encourage collaboration and enhance student engagement.

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University of Hull - Collaborative Breakout Space (Middleton Hall Refurbishment)

As part of a £9 million refurbishment project, the University of Hull renovated an unused external terrace space into a walkway between Middleton Hall and the Larkin Building. Working with Westray Keith Phelps Architects, TOP-TEC were required to create an inspirational space that would appeal to students and provide them with and agile space to work and collaborate. The furniture solutions would need to adhere to the architect's predetermined colour scheme, maximise the use out of the narrow corridor area and accommodate obstructing pillars through the new learning space.

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The University of Hong Kong - Blended Learning Lab

As part of an initiative for the refurbishment of its learning spaces, the University of Hong Kong wanted to develop a series of brand new active learning laboratories and blended learning classrooms. TOP-TEC were tasked with providing a multi-purpose workspace solution for up to 80 students, for installation into one of the new 'Blended Learning Classrooms' located in the Centennial Campus. The workspace solutions needed to be flexible to accommodate different activities for the students, be able to easily configure technology and remain tamper proof.

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Carre's Grammar School - Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre currently seated 30 students, however the tables were too long and narrow and it did not ultilise the space to the fullest, making the space appear small. The school wanted to change the layout and the shape of the tables in order to break up the space as it was becoming problematic getting students in there. They also had a specific IT requirement that students could use whilst sat at the desk.

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City, University of London Drysdale Building

TOP-TEC developed a range of technical furniture solutions for a series of learning and IT labs in the newly refurbished Drysdale Building at City, University of London. The overall objective was to update and enhance the University's IT facilities and increase the number of open access PC workstations available for 300 students. TOP-TEC developed a range of custom desking solutions specific to the University's requirements, that offered students complete flexibility and maximised the use of space throughout the building. 

Leeds University Business School - Collaborative Teaching Space

As part of a large project to refurbish a number of it's teaching spaces, Leeds University Business School wanted to create a space to promote active and experiential learning that was more student-centred. Located in the Charles Thackrah Building, the new learning suite would need to accommodate 100 students at a time and be fitted out with furniture that would encourage team-based learning.

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Newcastle University - Urban Sciences Building - Flexible Teaching Spaces

The Urban Sciences Building (USB) is one of three new buildings at Newcastle University and is part of their new flagship development. The project team at USB were tasked with creating flexible teaching spaces that could be used for ICT and non-ICT related tasks. The space would need to accommodate up to 312 students over three large rooms and also be Equality Act Compliant.

See how we provided a completely bespoke workspace solution to meet all the customers' requirements by clicking below.

Newham Sixth Form College - Learning Resource Centre

TOP-TEC recently provided a collaborative learning solution for Newham Sixth Form College in their brand new Learning Resource Centre.

NHS North Bristol - Bespoke Secure Printer Cages

TOP-TEC worked with NHS North Bristol providing a number of secure printer cages for their centre of excellence.

University of Greenwich - Collaborative Learning Space

TOP-TEC provided a collaborative learning solution for ten group study rooms in the Stockwell Street Building situated at the Greenwich Campus.

EEF - Active Learning Areas

TOP-TEC recently collaborated with EEF, the manufacturer’s organisation on the development of its second training site- the Technology Hub. The Hub is part of the £5 million investment into the centre, aims to increase the number of apprentices it trains from 250 to over 400 a year.

University of Glasgow - Technology Enhanced Active Learning Space

TOP-TEC collaborated with HLM Architects on creating a flexible, multi-use teaching space that will be configurable to address changing teaching patterns in the years ahead.

The Engineering Laboratory - Queen Mary University of London

The vision for QMUL was to maximise the use of furniture and technology to deliver a state of the art laboratory experience that was focused on collaboration, communications, connectivity and real-time data collection for individuals, group and class active learning.

Active Learning Space - Lancaster University

Having gone through a refurbishment earlier this year, Ash House at Lancaster University, required student focused, computer laboratories
configured for teaching and study. The challenge was creating a 100+ seated capacity Learning Lab in an unconventional inverse ‘L’ shaped

Herschel Learning Lab - Newcastle University

Keen to move away from the traditional pedagogies used in standard lecture theatres, Newcastle University wanted to develop an innovative learning space that encouraged collaborative activities for students in small groups to work on a variety of tasks including, problem solving and preparation of presentations, all of which could be facilitated by ICT.

Paperless Office - Telesales Company

We were recently presented an opportunity to provide a tablet storage solution to a large international business that provides Customer Service Management solutions across multiple channels. They had announced a major new initiative of committing to a ‘paperless’ office earlier this year.

National Training Centre - Steinhoff Group UK

SGUK required furniture solutions for a reception entrance, a workplace office, four meeting spaces and three training rooms. TOP-TEC were given the challenge to meet corporate branding, style, ergonomics and company dynamics to create an aspirational professional working environment.

Active Learning Studio - University of the West of Scotland

The Active Learning Studio at the University of the West of Scotland is an inspirational environment blending people, space and technology to foster deeper learning through developing problem solving, communication, and critical thinking skills.

Active Learning Spaces - Kramer Electronics

Kramer’s training room was designed as a “Collaborative Classroom” with the purpose of training systems integrators and key end users in the use of Kramer’s Multi-Award winning Collaboration products, and systems through modern group focused teaching methods.

PC Stand - Kirklees College

Kirklees College recently completed a new build programme at the Waterfront Quarter, a high quality commercial development close to the centre of Huddersfield. The college’s Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) team led by Richard Brook had recognised the challenge of ensuring classroom technology remains positioned and installed in a way which ensures the most effective management of the classroom environment.

South & City College Birmingham - Manual Flip-Top Desks

"The desk is much better quality and value than other versions we've seen and it can also be custom made to suit the classroom. Lessons can now reach their full potential - the converting tables mean we can quickly switch from one activity to the next. We are also very pleased to have supported a Birmingham firm." Phil Watts - Director of ICT

Learning Space Solutions - University of Manchester

Working in partnership with IS Service Delivery Manager Bill Ayres in the Faculty of Life Sciences, the key aim was to maximise the space and introduce flexibility through a cost effective whole room solution.

White Paper - Active Learning Environments in Universities

Ok, so not technically a case study but this white paper (produced by Learning Spaces Specialist, Duncan Peberdy) gives an insight into some of TOP-TEC's pioneering work in the education market. Read about how the growing demand for student-centred learning environments is changing learning and teaching for the better, as organisations move beyond traditional lecture theatres to spaces that support active learning pedagogies with a focus on teamwork, problem solving and collaboration between students.

Whiteboard & AV Integrated Lecterns - Warwick Business School

Working with Warwick Business School our key aim was to introduce flexibility and improve audience engagement through effective and innovative integrated audio visual Lecterns.

Pronto Reception Desk - Silks Quality Solicitors

TOP-TEC were approached by Silks Solicitors who were re-branding under the Quality Solicitors name, to design, build and install a bespoke reception desk that professionally represented their new brand.

Flip-Top Versatile Desks - Burgess Hill Girls School

TOP-TEC’s Versatile Flip-Top Desks have been used throughout the lab room creating a multi functional workspace for students, transforming from writing space to a fully functional IT station in the matter of seconds.

Turn and Learn - Aberystwyth University

“These are challenging times for Higher Education. In many ways, the rule book is being rewritten, but there are important principles that are unchanged. The priorities for this University will remain the provision of excellent opportunities for learning and teaching, world leading student support, cutting edge research in a broad range of academic disciplines – in an environment which is second to none.” 
April McMahon - Vice Chancellor

Specialist Equipment Security - Chelsea & Westminster Hospital

Radiology has been revolutionised by digital technology. The introduction of PACS, using expensive ultra high definition monitors and specialist workstations, together with a need for service continuity and the protection of patient data, has made equipment security a priority.


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