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Collaborative Furniture

Collaborative Furniture for Creative Workspaces that Inspire Collaboration

Collaborative furniture allows users to come together for collaborative meetings and discussions where they can share information and ideas seamlessly. TOP-TEC builds furniture that integrates technology to create innovative, collaboration areas and agile working environments.

Collaborative furniture creates active learning environments in Education where students can engage in multiple activities that boost productivity and engagement rather than sit through a more traditional lecture. Our range of products also help build agile workplaces where users can adapt and change their environment providing users the choice of how and where to work.

Collaborative Desks

SYNERGY, is a collaborative desks range, designed to provide users with a dynamic and interactive solution that is fully AV and IT integrated and meets the high standard expected from educational furniture today.

Table shape selection is key since the interaction of user’s changes depending upon whether the group or screen has primary focus. The SYNERGY range, of collaborative desks, offers distinct table shapes all designed to fit specific user requirements. Ranging from a two-person huddle space to a 20-seat classroom. The variety of shapes available allow for flexible working and higher levels of engagement.

The SYNERGY range offers a height adjustable model which can be adjusted to suit users with special height requirements or that simply would like the option to present to the group from the HA area of the table. We can also build fully height adjustable collaborative tables where the entire surfaces rises and falls to give users the sit/stand option, which is proven to boost movement, productivity and improve health.

New to our collaborative furniture range is the FOCUS. FOCUS was designed to adapt and enhance the ever-changing workplace. This is a collaborative solution that can be placed in an open plan area to create an instant meeting space for a small group of people, or huddle spaces. The units consist of collaborative tables fixed to a sleek media unit which features a recessed screen, fully integrated AV equipment. FOCUS allows users to collaborate, develop and share work seamlessly.

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