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Digital Signage - Mobile, Static or Wall Mounted Display Solutions

TOP-TEC have designed a range of Digital Signage solutions that are fully integrated with IT and AV equipment. Whether it’s enhancing your corporate identity, providing way finders for visitors or providing an interactive, engaging meeting solution. Digital Signage is a simple, but powerful way to display information in focussed areas. This ensures optimum usability at all levels of an organisation, whether that’s within educational institutions or within a corporate environment. 
Our versatile range includes mobile, static or wall mounted solutions. It is made up of three core products, the Digital Signage Stand, CVC Stand and the AVI Tower. The DS (Digital Signage) Stand is a self-contained free standing unit. It is ideal for open plan spaces as this feature allows them to be strategically placed. This helps to ensure optimum productivity in the surrounding areas.
The DS Stand is an elegant and effective solution for housing screens PC’s and other technologies. They conceal wires to maintain a clean and sleek aesthetic. The DS Stand can support screen sizes ranging from 42” to 90” including the Microsoft Surface Hub and SMART interactive displays. There are a variety of options for the DS Stand including portrait orientation and dual screens.
The CVC stand was purposely designed to accommodate video conferencing and promote collaboration among its users. This allows you to maximise video conferencing engagement and productivity. It can be positioned a short distance from the end of a meeting table and typically configured for wireless display broadcasting. The CVC stand is the perfect solution for touch screen applications. They can hold one or two screens up to 65", that can be fixed at a range of heights.
The AVI Tower has been designed as a wall mounted digital signage solution that fully integrates AV & IT equipment. The AVI Tower provides a superb aesthetic solution for any board room, corridor or public area. They are secured to any wall, making it tamper proof keeping the technology secure. The towers can support screen sizes up to 90” and up to 127kg for Microsoft Surface Hub. The AVI Tower also features a modular construction and can be extended to customer requirements through extension modules. 
As we design and manufacture all of our digital displays in-house, we provide a wide range of additional options. These include a range of non-standard colours and finishes, vinyl or illuminated corporate branding, customisable data interface plates. As well as shelving units for added storage functionality.
Speak to our sales team today to find out what solution works best for you. 

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