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Reception Furniture

TOP-TEC Reception Furniture - Create a Positive and Lasting First Impression 

Today’s reception space is more than just a place to greet visitors and answer incoming calls. It is an active busy workplace, handling all levels of information and hosts expensive equipment. Your reception area is one of the first interactions you have with clients, guests or potential employees. It instantly communicates your organisations culture, values and brand. People can form a lasting opinion about the business just by the reception area. Therefore, it’s imperative to select reception furniture that will represent you best.

As an in-house designer and manufacturer, we can design any type of reception desk to suit your corporate image and budget. We offer a range of shapes, finishes, colours including branding options of either vinyl, or illuminated branding. 

Our reception desks are designed to not only represent your corporate identity, but to provide you with a fully functioning workspace by integrating your IT equipment. We provide a number of security options to keep your technology and data safe. For example; integrating modular lockable drawers, configured to your specific requirements. Secure and non-secure monitor mounts are available as an optional extra to decrease screen footprint, and increase available working area. We also offer options for a dual height worktop for customer service purposes to ensure confidentiality.

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