It is becoming increasingly important to act now and integrate technology into your classroom. With an estimated 86% of 12 to 15-year-olds in the UK owning mobile phones, this of course spills over into their school life. Utilising this trend towards technology is one of the best ways to get control of it before it becomes a problem, instead of a resource.

We’ll look at some of the benefits technology in the classroom brings. As well, we’ll look at how we can integrate technology that facilitates improvements to the learning experience, encouraging collaboration, promoting the use and development of personal skills. For example, communication & teamwork and how implementing the use of personal devices generates increased engagement.

So, what are the benefits of integrating technology?

Improved Communication and collaboration

The collaborative learning process has been shown to improve the knowledge base of students. Mobile devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, increase engagement among students. They make it easy to share ideas via integrated technology. Facilitating the use of personal devices helps students develop communication and team-working skills. It does so through improvements to content sharing, such as audio/video, assignments, past test papers, notes, etc. Implementing new communication skills, alongside the utilisation of personal devices, often allows students to feel more comfortable when expanding their skill set.

Students have more control over their own learning

As any teacher knows, each student will have their own individual learning style and needs. Integrating technology into the classroom increases the number of ways a student can engage with the curriculum, beyond simply reading educational materials. Allowing students to choose how they learn about a subject is shown to improve retention, and helps to maintain interest.

Promotes self-motivated learning

According to The Telegraph, children are spending upwards 23 hours a week online using social media, gaming and other such activities. With all the negative aspects of this habit at the forefront of our relationship with technology, why not leverage this habit instead? Facilitate students learning by improving access to materials. As well as encouraging their use outside of the classroom in students own time, completing homework or even on field trips. Making these resources available on students personal devices removes barriers that could otherwise prevent positive engagement with the curriculum. Instead, it increases the likelihood of those resources being utilised.

Classrooms turn into more flexible spaces

By utilising wireless connectivity and mobile integration solutions, your classroom can turn into a flexible space where students can be engaged by differing means. Being able to move a screen that can be broadcast to remotely, for example, can create space for practically any activity. As a result, it allows you to select the most suitable location for your lesson.

How can we Act Now & integrate technology into our classroom?

One of the simplest and easiest ways of integrating technology into the classroom is by utilising a furniture solution that allows you and your students to connect. TOP-TEC’s products offer fantastic flexibility. They allow technology to be integrated into your space, with minimal impact on the existing infrastructure. Ideal for multi-purpose spaces, flexible mobile display units, such as the CoACT, facilitate different learning styles within the same space. They allow you to act now & create opportunities for engaging students via traditional presentation of information, or interactive sessions. Screens can easily be set up to allow for multiple types of connection from wired to wireless. This allows for any user to connect, present information and share ideas with ease. Having the flexibility to transition from one style to another, in the same teaching session, is what makes these resources invaluable.


If you would like to Act Now, bring technology to your classroom and realise the benefits of easy connectivity and an improved group learning space, we have a range of solutions that we are confident will meet your requirements. Get in touch our team today on 0121 783 3838 to discuss your collaborative furniture options. Alternatively, you can email us via

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