Agile Workspaces – Background

Agile workspaces are all about creating an environment that provides a flexible space for activity based working and learning. By creating different learning areas whether that’s within an office workspace or class room, students and employees are given the autonomy and are empowered to decide where, how and when they want to work.. But why is this so important? In education, agile workspaces encourage collaboration, boost student engagement and productivity. In business environments, agile working and workspaces provides workers flexibility, flexible working is proven to boost staff retention. A flexible space also means a reduction in costs of office space and equipment.

Agile Workspaces in Education – The Importance of Furniture

Agile workspaces are based on the pedagogy – agile learning, which in its simplest form is a learning style that focuses on collaboration and flexibility. Agile learning was influenced by the agile working principles and workplace design that is now being replicated in education environments. In order to create an effective agile learning space, you must create multi-purpose, flexible spaces that can suit a number of learning styles and activities. The space must be integrated with technology to facilitate different learning styles and future-proof the design. Most importantly the space needs to set the expectations that students will experience within the workplace.

Modular furniture is a key aspect of creating agile workspaces. Today’s classroom or lecture theatre can instantly transform into an open and interactive learning space. Furniture that is installed needs to be mobile, maneuverable and effectively managed to suit personal preference. Height adjustable tables and chairs, mobile screens, trolleys as well as designated collaborative areas are all important components for delivering a truly flexible and adaptable workspace.

TOP-TEC Agile Workspace Solutions

Education environments are constantly evolving that’s why TOP-TEC have designed a range of Workspace furniture that consists of agile and modular solutions. Fully integrated with IT and AV equipment, our Workspace desks can be reconfigured easily for different activities. This is a cost-effective way of changing your workspace layout instantly, without having to constantly change the furniture. Take a look at our full range of agile workspace workspace desks.

As an in-house designer and manufacturer, we offer our clients a unique level of customisation on our entire Workspace desk range, to ensure our desks are designed specifically to your requirements. This includes tailoring the colour, shape and style of the worktop, frame as well as choosing the level of AV/IT integration that may be required. For more information on how we can help create your agile workspace, speak to a member of our team today on 0121 783 3838, alternative get in touch via

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