Collaboration Furniture is key in the workplace. Herman Miller discusses how “Organisations today, rely on collaboration from teams for the innovation that fuels profitability, but struggle to provide work environments that help their people work and think together” in a recent essay.

The essay discusses many issues that we find our clients also have. Clients know the importance of collaboration. However, often their offices are not equipped with furniture to facilitate this type of working and learning. But, the key is to make the most out of the space you have. In fact, you don’t need a specific room to form a collaborative space. With collaboration furniture in your workplace, you can provide your employees with the perfect space for active learning.

Here at TOP-TEC we have designed an entire suite of collaboration furniture. The range means employees can come together in workspaces, working together, sharing information and ideas seamlessly. SYNERGY Collaborative tables are an integrated solution that facilitates collaboration through office furniture. It boasts a co-ordinated design that combines ergonomic furniture design with new technologies.

Collaboration Furniture – The science of SYNERGY

The table’s shape has a huge impact on the togetherness and productivity of a meeting. A standard a rectangular table means there is a natural stand-off. Because when someone sits at the end of the table, they are positioned to take control in a divisive way. As a result, this can prevent a collaborative environment.

However, the SYNERGY Collaborative table range offers distinct table shapes. Additionally, you can configure the tables to fit certain space and size requirements. Here at TOP-TEC, we design the furniture shapes so that everyone can make eye-contact and engage with fellow learners. Therefore, when discussions take place, no one is left out.

The tables feature a mast that you can completely customise when it comes to connectivity. As well as this, it has an integrated screen mount which can mount screens of up to 80” in size. This integration means you can move the screen perfectly for conferencing and presenting.

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Many clients now have SYNERGY tables in their meeting spaces. This includes the likes of Sainsbury’s Head office, Mono Pumps, Kramer Electronics UK and in many Universities across the UK. To find out how SYNERGY can help your business, contact us today. Call 0121 783 3838 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team. Or, get in touch via We are experts in what we do, and therefore can offer you expert advice when it comes to choosing solutions for your workspace.

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