Have you invested in IT security enclosures? Businesses invest hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in IT equipment, without considering how to keep them safe and protected from theft.

When most people think of computer security, they of think of Cyber security to secure software and data. This is essential to all businesses, especially infrastructures with important and sensitive data. But do they consider pc security as protecting the hardware itself? Data is often hacked remotely but it is just as vulnerable if hardware is physically stolen. These are issues that have the potential to seriously debilitate the effectiveness of any business.

Many of today’s successful enterprises are both technology-enabled and technology-driven, therefore complete protection of their IT equipment should be kept a constant priority, but this isn’t always the case.

It is imperative to implement all-encompassing security measures that minimise the risk of both software and hardware being stolen, vandalised or damaged. You must ensure your IT equipment is kept functional at all times and put high security measures in place to prevent to keep your technology safe.

IT Security Enclosures- How can we help you protect your tech?

At TOP-TEC we have been designing and manufacturing IT security enclosures since 1993, when we developed an innovative solution to deal with the theft of computers from our own offices. On the advice of our local crime prevention officer we start selling them to local businesses to prevent related thefts. We now provide a number of innovative, secure enclosure solutions for AV and IT equipment to keep your technology in its place. Our solutions include PC secure enclosures, that have been accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), Apple Macs, tablets, laptops, printers, secure rack cabinets and game console security enclosures.

As an in-house designer and manufacture, our IT security enclosures are designed and made-to-measure to your specific requirements. We can create enclosures for any sized IT device ranging from full enclosures to limited access options. Our anti-theft IT security enclosures protect many types of organisations including, hospitals, banks, universities and private companies to name a few.

Investing in the right IT hardware security enclosure now, could save you money in the future.

Call 0121 783 3838 to speak to our team today to find out more on how we can help you secure your IT & AV equipment with our range of innovative security enclosures.

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