What is Way-finding?

Simply put way-finding is the process of orienting in physical space and navigating from place to place via a network of information boards, digital systems and signage. Digital way-finding systems often depict a physical map and an indication of where on the map its current position is. The software may also offer a list of locations or a search function to determine where the user would like to end up. After giving specific directions or displaying a route the user is then able to navigate to either the next way-finding station or to the location they originally inquired about.

Way-finding stations are a fantastic way of allowing new students a degree of independence when locating lecture halls or classrooms in large and increasingly complex buildings. Such systems can also help to improve the way in which your establishment communicates with international students whose grasp of English may be limited, displaying information and directing them across the grounds in their native language.

A research paper dedicated to strategic implementation of way-finding systems by the University of Cincinnati’s School of Design states:

Multi-modal locations often use electronic signage to create a dynamic relationship between a constantly changing schedule of events and a very diverse group of information seekers. In a sense, a digital way-finding system is no longer a static component of the environment. It is flexible and dynamic in nature, at times responding to both the user and the changing environment. Because active technology for way-finding systems depends on human input, the environment may be able to communicate on a more personal level with the user through alternative auditory and visual cues”

You can read the full paper here.

How can you ensure valuable technology is safe in public areas?

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