Pluto Short Throw Wall Mount

Designed in collaboration with Hitachi Europe for their ED-A*** range of projectors, the Pluto Short Throw Wall Mount provides a versatile, aesthetic mounting device to accommodate Hitachi’s pioneering ultra short throw projectors, which can generate 60″ images from a distance of only 42cm.

The wall mount is simple to fit. The projector is fixed to a mounting plate that is slotted into the main body of the mount and secured into place with a drill-resistant lock.  The innovative design allows adjustments to be made in all the required directions that are necessary for accurate image alignment. Image size can be adjusted through a one-touch slide system and held in place by the tightening of two thumbscrews. Once fitted, the lamp, filters and cables remain easily accessible, to ensure that routine maintenance is straightforward.

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  • Accommodates the Hitachi CP-A100, ED-A100, ED-A110, ED-A101 and ED-A111 ranges of ultra short throw projectors
  • Available in two models: for image sizes between 50″- 85″ and 70″- 100″
  • Incorporates a sliding mechanism to achieve optimum image sizing
  • Easily adjusted to achieve accurate image alignment
  • Provides complete access to cable points, bulbs and filters
  • Designed with ventilation slots to maintain airflow
  • Standard colours: white, dark grey, orange and black