iMac Security Shoe

Simple and Reliable Protection

Having invested a great deal of capital into new iMac computers, it is important to ensure they are secured in location and protected from theft. Our unique iMac Security Shoes offer a simple and reliable method for protecting your iMacs while maintaining their aesthetic slim-line appearance.

The Security Shoe mounts to table-surfaces and secures iMacs in location with a strong steel locking bar, which fixes in place with drill-resistant locking. For iMacs with memory cards, a discreet Memory Guard is supplied along with the Shoe to prevent unauthorised removal of the card.

Please note: Earlier iMac models are also available

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  • Secure desk mount for all-in-one iMac devices
  • Smart design compliments the colour and style of iMac computers
  • Steel locking bar prevents unauthorised removal of iMacs
  • Protects keyboard, mouse and memory cards
  • Conceals all mounting screws once installed
  • Fitted with drill-resistant push button locks
  • Available for all iMac sizes
  • Keys suited at no extra charge