Desk-Mounted Projector Cages

As we design and manufacture all of our products in-house at our Birmingham site, we are able to produce mounts and cages that are exclusively tailored to specific projector types.  Our design team are always willing to take on a new challenge and regularly create bespoke products to fit devices that are incompatible with our standard range of merchandise.

As part of our bespoke product ranges, we design and manufacture Custom Made Desk-Mounted Projector Cages that are either produced from scratch, or adapted from existing cages to enable desk fitting.  Offering a great alternative for when ceiling-mounted projectors are impractical or undesirable, our desk-mounted enclosures are produced to the highest levels of security, incorporating drill-resistant locks with robust, durable frames.  Each cage is aesthetically finished in a range of colours and styles.

To enquire about purchasing a desk mounted projector cage, contact our team on 0121 783 3838.