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Making the pivot to online learning?

Blended learning is fast becoming a necessity in the current education climate and is now a top priority in a University’s teaching strategy. TOP-TEC can help ease the transition from on-campus to ‘virtual’ learning by introducing a number of new and innovative solutions.

Our brand-new products are designed to easily implement a blended learning strategy into your teaching environments with minimal disruption, allowing lecturers and tutors to create engaging digital content for your students. These fit-for-purpose solutions facilitate the seamless integration of AV/IT equipment, creating a simple ‘all-in-one’ environment that can be easily applied to a variety of spaces.

Connex is a mobile trolley product able to accommodate multiple screens, allowing you to deploy remote/distance/virtual learning setups in any environment. This interactive solution enables the presenter to engage with every member of the virtual audience face-to-face. Our brand-new TeachingGLASS solution provides a clear glass writing surface, enabling lecturers to write and draw on the glass screen whilst still facing the audience, which is great for live sessions but even better when paired with postproduction videography.