Remote Learning Solutions

Our brand-new TeachingGLASS solution houses a clear glass writing surface, enabling lecturers to write and draw on a glass screen while still being face to face with an audience, which is great for live sessions but even better when paired with post production videography.

In both instances the recording is flipped so that the audience can read what is being written on the opposite side of the board, but with some added post production animation and effects simple lectures turn into entertaining & informative productions which improve engagement and the retention of information.

TeachingGLASS is effective for a wide range of subjects, displaying written & numeric information alongside diagrams and drawings and is easy to set-up in any studio or classroom. TeachingGLASS comes with electrical height adjustability and high quality locking castors, making it a breeze to align with your recording equipment and ideal for any user in any space.


  • Large glass writing/drawing surface with optimum transparency and purity of colour
  • For use with standard ‘White’ or ‘Neon Dry-Wipe’ markers
  • Wipe clean
  • Dimmable LEDs
  • Height adjustable
  • Large pen/document shelf
  • Robust steel construction
  • Standard black paint finish
  • Standard white worktop
  • White compact laminate worktop with black edge-banding
  • 5-year warranty


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