Telescopic Boom

Designed as a simple, robust wall mounting solution, the Telescopic Boom offers versatility by accommodating all projector types and loads up to 80kg.  Stability is provided through 4 metres of 3mm trainer wire that can attach to the wall or ceiling directly above the projector through the use of a small bracket.  The projectors attach directly to the stub at the end of the boom, which can be extended up to 2.66 metres from the wall.

A great alternative for tight rooms where ceiling mounted projectors are undesirable, the Telescopic Boom is available in two extension sizes; from 1.4 – 2 metres and 1.96 – 2.66 metres, enabling projectors to be moved closer or further from the wall to achieve optimum image sizes.

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Product Features


  • Versatile design that easily mounts projectors to the wall
  • Accommodates all projector types
  • Two extending lengths: from 1.4 – 2m and 1.96 – 2.66m
  • Supplied with 4 metres of strainer wire to provide extra stability
  • Able to hold weights of up to 80kg
  • Standard colours as black, white silver and grey