SCHOMS 2017 Silver Sponsor – TOP-TEC Return

Dalen TOP-TEC are pleased to announce that we will be returning as a SCHOMS 2017 Silver sponsor and exhibitor to to its Annual Conference at stand 18, taking place at Keele University 28th June.

SCHOMS 2017 is the professional body for Senior Managers working within UK Higher Education and its members lead and manage a diverse set of educational, technological, media and institutional development and support services. They give strategic direction to support technological trends and promote excellence in teaching, learning patterns and their environments.
TOP-TEC will be exhibiting several collaborative furniture solutions including a SYNERGY Huddle, CVC Stand, Spire Screen Trolley and a KI Learn2 workstation.

The SYNERGY Huddle is a Plectrum Reverse shape that can seat up to two-three people and is designed for smaller collaborative tasks, discussions and meetings. The Plectrum Reverse shape was designed to promote group focus, collaboration and engagement using the screen as a resource. The Plectrum Reverse models range from three seats up to seven seats, allowing Universities to achieve their ambitions for collaborative space design.

The CVC stand, part of the Digital Signage range, was designed for collaborative office spaces with limited space or narrow rooms where screens are required for a video conferencing or presenting and features castors to easily move around a room. The Spire Trolley is also a mobile screen unit, but is available as a wall mounted or floor supported option as well, ideal for a lecturer’s station for smaller rooms.

SCHOMS 2017 is a fantastic opportunity to discuss and see the latest developments in learning environments and technologies and we proud to be taking part again this year. Visit TOP-TEC at Stand 18 to see our latest solutions in Audio Visual and Collaborative Furniture.

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