Green Innovation in Higher Education: A Sustainable Lectern Solution for Cardiff University

Green Innovation in Higher Education

In line with our dedication to sustainability, we have introduced sustainable worktops for our furniture solutions manufactured with 100% recycled plastic. Having seen our Sustainable Lectern on the stand at ISE 2024, Cardiff University decided to partner with TOP-TEC to supply a sustainable Messenger lectern for one of their lecture rooms in their Business School.

Our recycled worktops are designed using supersized recycled plastic sheets. What is usually classed as “waste” can be turned into a new product. Universities even have the chance to use their own plastic waste to create recycled worktops!

Features of the Sustainable Messenger Lectern

  • Recycled Plastic Worktop

The university chose the colourful plastic as the worktop design for the lectern created from PET packaging waste with elements of Kaleido, giving it a unique design with colourful, energetic fragments.

  • Height adjustable

Suitable for all users. Equality Act Compliant as the entire worktop rises and falls to suit user preference.

  • Sleek Finish

The recycled worktop maintained the design of our standard Messenger with its modern silhouette. The colours on the worktop offers a unique design making it stand out in the room.

The university is very happy with the sustainable lectern and are pleased with how we were able to integrate and eco-friendly feature with the functionality and aesthetic of our Messenger lectern.

“ This innovative design by TOP-TEC really transforms the look and appearance of the traditional lectern to something that brings more vibrance and style to the learning space, with plenty of options to choose from regardless of your colour scheme. The unique selling point to me, is the ability to offer a 100% recycled lectern to an industry that can often have a very large WEEE disposal footprint”

Pete Dunsire
Senior PM, Cardiff University

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