Technical Desking

Modular, configurable and flexible desking solutions made to your exact requirements.

Technical Desking

TOP-TEC’s workspace desk range consists of a range of agile and modular options which can be reconfigured easily for different activities. This is a cost effective way of changing your workspace layout instantly, without having to constantly change the furniture.

A champion of maximising space, our versatile ‘flip-top’ desks are designed to accommodate multi-purpose activities. TOP-TEC ‘flip-top’ and ‘pop-up’ desks enable the user to switch from written study to an IT suite, seamlessly. The desks operate electrically with a push of a button, or manually with the pull of a lever. The flip-top function conceals display screens, keyboard and mouse, providing a flush work surface when closed.

We also offer an extensive range of modular desks that can be configured to your exact requirements.

Flip-Top & Pop-Up Desks

ICT & Bench Desks

Transform your workspace in seconds with our multi-functional desks.

Our FLIP-TOP & POP-UP DESKS conceal your screen, keyboard and mouse, all available to the user at the pull of a lever or push of a button, supporting ICT and non-ICT activities within the same space.

Our ICT & Bench Desks are highly configurable bench style desks specifically designed for individual or group ICT workspaces.

Features a strong steel sub-frame necessary for supporting a range of computer equipment, whilst integrated cable management keeps the worktop clear from clutter.

Team & Cluster Desks

Mobile & Agile Desks

Our TEAM & CLUSTER DESKS offer a stylish collaboration space to encourage teamwork and communication between users.

‘Cluster’ style is ideal for open plan spaces such as classrooms, hot-desk areas or training facilities. Can be adapted and arranged to fit a variety of room requirements.

Our MOBILE & AGILE DESKS create flexible learning environments capable of supporting collaboration, group-discussions and solo work within the same space.

The unique designs allows them to be arranged in a variety of formations, meaning room layouts can be reconfigured simply and quickly to change the focus of discussions.