Digital Signage Stand

Elegant Effective Housing for all Screens

The Digital Signage Stand (DS Stand) is an elegant effective housing for both screens, PC, or other technology. The free standing screen enclosure is made-to-measure to your specific screen make and model, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Commonly supplied in white as pictured, they can be finished to suit any brand style. This can include illuminated or vinyl branding.

Designed to be used for displays in meeting and public areas or as internal information points, these stands allow for large screens to be strategically placed wherever they may have the most impact.

Ideal for use in meeting rooms where tamper proof installation is required.

Buying Options
Product Features


  • Choice of standard paint finishes
  • Removable front & rear panel access
  • Internal fixing points within
  • IR extender fitted (Optional extra)

Options at Additional Cost:

  • Non-standard colours and finishes
  • Vinyl branding
  • Illuminated branding
  • Equipment shelf
  • Sound bars
  • Bespoke connectivity (HDMI / USB / 13A / Aperture or cut out for control panel, camera, sound bar)