TOP-TEC ESPORTS Gaming Workstations

Introduce your Students to the professional gaming sector and give them a taste of what ESPORTS has to offer.
The NEXUS ESPORTS STATION is a cost effective workstation with premium features designed to help you begin your ESPORTS journey.
Combine multiple desks and tailor the number of seats and specification to your exact requirements to create your perfect setup.

Stay ahead of the curve
“Worldwide the ESPORTS industry is expected to reach £5 billion by 2030”

Think forward & fully immerse your students in Esports
“More than half of 13 to 18-year-olds (55%) in the UK believe gaming is a viable career path and want schools to add it to the curriculum.”

Enhance your students experience with Esports
Improved facilities will appeal to the current generation and engage a broader demographic of students, helping you stand out from the crowd.



  • Choice of standard paint & worktop finishes
  • Choice of worktop size
  • Single or double seat modules
  • Integrated cable ports
  • Slab end panel

Additional cost:

  • Non-standard paint & worktop finishes
  • Made-to-measure computer cages
  • Wide range of PC security options
  • Secure monitor arm options
  • Desktop power & data modules
  • Under desk cable tray
  • Castors
  • Height adjustable modules
  • Desktop machining
  • Upgrade to vinyl or printed branding (for slab end panel only)
  • Peripheral security options


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