Screen Mounting Kit

Screen Brackets & Monitor Mounts

Combining the versatile JUPITER 485-Y screen bracket with a durable column, ceiling plate and screen-bracket adaptor, the 485-Y Mounting Kit provides all of the components required to securely screens to the ceiling.

The kit is provided with security and practicality in mind.  The bracket adaptor has a unique swivel assembly that enables the screen to be rotated through 360° while the JUPITER 485-Y allows the screen to be tilted up to 6° downwards.

Secure models incorporate a lockable bracket adaptor where as non-secure models are supplied with a non-lockable bracket adaptor.  In each case, security is provided by the JUPITER 485-Y mount, which secures into place with two drill-resistant locks. Once locked, all screen and adaptor fixings are concealed, preventing unauthorised removal of the mounted screen.

To learn more about each individual component, visit the web-pages for the Jupiter 485-Y, the Standard Duty Column, the Standard Duty Ceiling Plate and the Single-Screen Bracket Adaptor.


  • Provides every necessary part for mounting screens to the ceiling
  • Saves cost of buying each component separately
  • Accommodates screens from 23″ to 60″
  • Unique design enabling 6º downwards tilt and 360° rotation
  • Manufactured as lockable and non-lockable models
  • Kits for screen sizes of 50+” available on request


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