Designed with security, fast installation and affordability in mind, Nova is a range of screen trolley, floor-mount and wall-mounted solutions that can securely mount screens and quickly supply functionality to a variety of meeting and learning spaces.

All cables are concealed within the mast alongside space for a small PC. The trolley and floor-mount versions can also be supplied with a hook-on equipment shelf for a keyboard and mouse or laptop resulting in an ‘all-in-one’ cost effective PC solution.

Our JUPITER-LITE 01 screen bracket features a padlock, secure locking bar and two adjustable VESA mounting arms which are fixed to the back of the screen and slotted into the main mounting bracket.

All-in-one solution
All cables are concealed within the mast, easily accessed via a removable / lockable back panel.

Simple screen deployment
– Nova Trolley features 3″ castors and a lightweight design enabling easy room-to-room manoeuvrability.
– Designed to fit flush against the wall, each wall-mount unit is easily secured with bolts at the top and bottom of the mount.
– Wall-mount and floor-mount versions can be bolted to the floor for added security and durability.

Tamper proof
Robust steel construction, drill resistant locks and a secure screen mount ensure the safety of your equipment.

Available from stock
– Black metal finish.
– White compact laminate equipment shelf (additional cost).
– Other metal & worktop finishes available on 10-day lead time.
– Branding options will result in a longer lead time.

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  • Trolley, wall-mount & floor-mount versions
  • Choice of standard paint finishes
  • JUPITER-LITE 01 secure screen mount (up to 400×400 VESA / 60kg screens) (landscape or portrait)
  • Removable back panel (w/ push button lock) (Floor-mount and Trolley versions only)
  • Space for small PC within the mast
  • Webs within mast to cable tie equipment
  • Robust steel construction & drill resistant locks
  • Grommet holes
  • 3” castors (on Trolley version)

Options at Additional Cost:

  • Non-standard paint finishes
  • Hook on equipment shelf [610mm(W) x 300mm(D)]
  • JUPITER-LITE 02 bracket for larger screens (up to 700×400 VESA screens)
  • Vinyl or printed branding