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Exceptional Audio Visual Lecterns

Our range of AV lecterns are designed to accommodate all types of spaces, including small to medium sized teaching rooms and large lecture theatres.

Audio Visual Lecterns

Discover Premium Audio Visual Lecterns for Every Learning Environment

Our range of AV lecterns are designed to accommodate all types of spaces, including small to medium sized teaching rooms and large lecture theatres.

Welcome to the leading destination for AV lecterns in the UK; where innovation meets functionality. Our diverse range of audio visual lecterns are meticulously designed to serve varied educational and professional settings, from intimate teaching rooms to grand lecture theatres.

Gemini Range

Adaptable Excellence

Aries Range

Sleek and Functional

Experience unparalleled adaptability with the GEMINI range, featuring electric height-adjustable mechanisms for optimal comfort.

Designed with user accessibility in mind, these desk-style lecterns offer ample space and include a flexible monitor arm, complying with the Equality Act for inclusive learning and presentation environments.

Elevate your presentation with the Aries range, combining sleek design with practicality. Tailor the height and angle to your preference for a personalised speaking position.

Featuring 16U or 32U of rack space and a detachable system for pre-fitting AV equipment, Aries is a the perfect combination of ergonomic and modular design.

Bravo Range

Versatile and Secure 

Explorer Range

Compact and Innovative

The Bravo series redefines versatility with electric height-adjustable podiums suitable for various contexts.

Enhanced security features and generous storage space, coupled with a 19-inch removable rack unit, make Bravo an excellent choice for safeguarding your AV equipment.

Targeted at small to medium venues, the Explorer range is the complete package at a competitive price point.

With features like a flexible monitor arm, a secure steel construction, and our unique 16U rack design, Explorer lecterns are a practical and cost-effective solution.

Rubi Range

Space-Saving Solution

Juno Range

Blending Style and Space-Efficiency

For tiny spaces, RUBI is a reasonably priced multimedia lectern. Because it is small in size, it may be positioned in small spaces. These mobile lecterns’ four lockable sides can be detached from the frame for simple equipment access.

RUBI offers an affordable multimedia lectern ideal for constrained spaces, without compromising functionality.

JUNO is a sleek wall-mounted presenting station that works well in a variety of smaller rooms or waiting areas.

For security, the screen can be mounted to the wall or on an articulating ENDO monitor arm (additional cost). JUNO is the ideal space-saving unit, with a housing for a PC underneath and clean interior wire management.


Can I customise a lectern to match my organisation’s branding?

Absolutely, our branded lecterns can be customised to feature your logo and colour scheme.

Are your lecterns suitable for technology integration?

Yes, our lecterns are designed to seamlessly accommodate audio/visual equipment and computers.

Do you provide lecterns for various room sizes?

Our ranges cater to all room sizes, from small space saving solutions to larger AV lecterns for rooms that require more equipment or presence.

How does the ordering process work?

Contact us on+44 (0)121 783 3838 or sales@dalen.co.uk  to discuss your needs, and we’ll assist with selection, customisation, delivery and setup.

Embrace the Future with Professional AV Lecterns

Invest in a lectern that embodies your brand and enriches your presentations. Contact us today to explore our exclusive range and find out how we can enhance your teaching or presentation space with our state-of-the-art lecterns.