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Exceptional Audio Visual Lecterns

Our range of AV lecterns are designed to accommodate all types of spaces, including small to medium sized teaching rooms and large lecture theatres.

Audio Visual Lecterns

The design of our comprehensive range of Audio Visual (AV) Lecterns accommodate all types of room spaces. This includes small to medium-size teaching rooms. As well as, large lecture theatres, agile workspaces, presentation rooms and reception areas.

Furthermore, we design and manufacture all our AV lecterns in-house. Therefore, we can provide a unique level of customisation, ensuring all of your project requirements can be met in full. For instance, this may include adapting your mounting equipment to fit your specific device. As well as, incorporating your branding within our products, or configuring our AV furniture for your specific IT or AV needs.


Gemini Range

Aries Range

The entire surface of the GEMINI range of electrically height-adjustable desk-style lecterns rises and descends to accommodate any user preference. GEMINI is furnished with a a flexible monitor arm and complies with the Equality Act.

It also has easily accessible secure storage for both rack and non-rack mounted equipment. In every size room, its ergonomic design offers a roomy surface that is perfect for both seated and standing presentations.

The ARIES Range is a chic presentation lectern with a height adjustment area that can be turned up to 20 degrees to accommodate user choice (bespoke angles on request).

The ARIES system is Equality Act compliant and features 16U or 32U of rack space with half the rack left open as standard. It also has a detachable racking system that enables integrators to pre-fit AV/IT equipment before complete installation.

ARIES provides a great user experience with its ergonomic design, modular construction, internal wire management, and adjustable display arm.

Bravo Range

Explorer Range

Bravo is a stylish line of electric height-adjustable lecterns that work well in a variety of settings.

While maintaining the highest levels of protection, this adaptable lectern provides expanded four-door access for simple AV/IT maintenance and a large storage space.

Our ground-breaking 19″ removable rack unit, which holds both rack mounted and non-rack mounted equipment, is included into Bravo.

The EXPLORER Range is a multimedia lectern geared toward small to medium presenting venues. Also, it is available as a single or double unit.

The EXPLORER is equipped with a flexible monitor arm and hidden castors and uses our unique 16U rack design, which secures both rack and non-rack mounted equipment. A cost-effective product with a very competitive lead time is produced by the fundamental features of an EXPLORER.

Either conventional steel side panels or decorative wooden side panels are available for the Explorer Range.

Rubi Range

Juno Range

For tiny spaces, RUBI is a reasonably priced multimedia lectern. Because it is small in size, it may be positioned in small spaces. These mobile lecterns’ four lockable sides can be detached from the frame for simple equipment access. JUNO is a classy wall-mounted presenting station that works well in a variety of smaller rooms or waiting areas.

For security, the screen can be mounted to the wall or on an articulating ENDO monitor arm (additional cost). JUNO is the ideal space-saving unit, with a housing for a PC underneath and clean interior wire management.