TOP-TEC ESPORTS Gaming Workstations

Designed specifically for Esports spaces our NEBULA ESPORTS BOOTH is our best in class gaming workstation and comes packed with premium features including custom illuminated branding, RGB lighting, worktop integrated USB 3.0 ports and fully integrated cable management.

Our NEBULA ESPORTS BOOTH feature privacy dividers with raised PC shelves that not only create a barrier to screen sniping and other distractions but further engages your students in a professional gaming atmosphere.

Once paired with the included secure PC clamping bracket designed to fit your specific equipment you’ll be more than ready to show off your hardware and lighting setup. Our modular NEBULA range allows you to combine multiple sections to create your perfect layout.

Stay ahead of the curve
“Worldwide the ESPORTS industry is expected to reach £5 billion by 2030”

Think forward & fully immerse your students in Esports
“More than half of 13 to 18-year-olds (55%) in the UK believe gaming is a viable career path and want schools to add it to the curriculum.”

Enhance your students experience with Esports
Improved facilities will appeal to the current generation and engage a broader demographic of students, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Inclusive for all gamers
Each of our Esports Ranges come in a Height Adjustable (HA) variant to support varying degrees of ability / height requirements and provide maximum comfort.



  • Choice of standard paint & worktop finishes
  • Privacy divider with raised PC shelf
  • Integrated RGB LED lighting with remote control
  • Illuminated custom branding (printed branding available on request)
  • Secure PC clamping bracket for a rectangular windowed case
  • Shark nose worktop edge
  • Worktops are supplied with a thickness of 25mm
  • 2x USB3.0 ports at worktop level for pen drives etc.
  • Sliding worktop with fully integrated cable management
  • Headphone hook(s)

Additional cost:

  • Non-standard paint & worktop finishes
  • Range of monitor arm options
  • Worktop power & connectivity modules
  • Secure PC clamping bracket for non-rectangular cases
  • Upgrade to programmable LED lighting with wireless configuration app
  • Peripheral security options


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