Immerse Yourself TOP-TEC x Igloo Vision: University of Wolverhampton

There has been a rise in the demand of immersive technology amongst educational and corporate institutions. This new area of technology fosters collaboration, engagement, visualisation and the creation of unforgettable experiences. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Igloo Vision to bring this reality to the University of Wolverhampton.

Introducing… Igloo Vision

The university had a vision to have advanced technologies in its National Brownfield Institute. It would support students’ studies and businesses that work in brownfield regeneration. They wanted something transformative, stimulating and new, which perfectly describe Igloo Vision. Igloo is an immersive space company focused on providing shared immersive environments suitable for all customer requirements.

How was VR implemented at the university?

Igloo Vision installed an impressive 9-meter cylinder in the university that provides a 360-degree collaborative space for visualising a range of data. This includes, site mapping data, geological information, concept designs, interactive VR walkthroughs and 3D laser scan data. The screens in the cylinder are also gesture enabled. Therefore, allowing for video conferencing and are integrated with industry-standard tools to prepare the students for real-life work situations. In summary, it’s pretty incredible, check out some of the pictures!

With Igloo providing the software, technical furniture was also needed to effectively integrate all of the equipment required to run the immersive space. So, we worked in collaboration with Igloo to provide a Bravo lectern. This featured a sleek design with seamless AV/IT integration, removable 19” rack, concealed castors and height adjustable worktop. Check out our Bravo range here for more information.

How can VR be used in education?

Here at TOP-TEC, we consider AV and IT from the start, rather than an as afterthought. Consequently, combined with Igloo’s incredible technology we helped bring the University of Wolverhampton’s vision into existence. The university now has advanced tools to prepare its graduates for future work and additional support for businesses in its Brownfield regeneration. The university is even considering other areas to implement this technology such as in facilities management and the construction industry.

Having previously partnered with the university before to provide our Synergy Reverse Plectrum tables  for one of their spaces, it is evident they were satisfied with our services and wanted to work with us again.

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