Corporate Branding

Promote your branding to customers and employees

We can match your brand identity. High quality logos can be applied to our products in a variety of ways to promote your branding to customers and employees.

See product descriptions to find out which product each branding solution is available for.

We need your logo supplied as either EPS or DXF vector file formats. These formats provide us with the necessary information to produce all forms of corporate branding supplied by TOP-TEC. The usual procedures for product configuration approval will be undertaken with the purchase contact by your TOP-TEC customer service representative.

If you have any questions, call a TOP-TEC advisor on 0121 783 3838.

Buying Options
Product Features


  • High quality image of your organisations logo printed directly onto the unit.
  • Positioned on the lectern determined by the size of the logo to ensure balance with the unit.
  • Helps create a positive impression to all delegates.