Laptop Desk Locker

Laptop Desk Lockers ensure stored laptops, netbooks or tablet devices are protected from theft when not in use. Manufactured from high-grade steel, the unobtrusive enclosures bolt to the underside of desks and fasten shut with drill-resistant locks, providing a dependable, easy-to-use solution for safeguarding expensive equipment from theft.

The lockers are available in two models: either with a standard compartment or with a sliding drawer for enhanced accessibility. In each case, the locker is fully ventilated and fitted with cable holes, allowing devices to charge while they are in storage.

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  • Designed with a strong steel frame to prevent unauthorised access
  • Drill-resistant locks
  • Allows devices to charge while in storage
  • Fully ventilated to prevent overheating
  • Suited key option on request
  • Choice of standard colour options
  • Can be made to measure individual laptop and tablet devices