Laptop Desktop Security System

Laptop Security

Our unique Laptop Security System provides all the components necessary for creating a secure laptop workstation.

Incorporating drill-resistant locks and strong steel frames, the Security System contains a core base plate that combines with an adjustable laptop bracket, or fully enclosed cover to protect laptops from casual theft.

The bracket and cover are interchangeable and lock into the corresponding base plate, whether designed for standard or widescreen laptops.

Access holes in the rear of the cover enable devices to be charged when not in use, while the adjustable bracket enables a variety of laptop sizes to be accommodated.


  • An innovative security bracket to enhance laptop workstations
  • Available in two sizes for widescreen and standard laptops
  • Drill-resistant locking for maximum security
  • Allows devices to charge while secured to desktop
  • Bolts to the worktop, concealing all fixings
  • Retains full functionality of mounted devices
  • Can be made to measure for non-standard laptop sizes