LokLap Security Cables

Laptop Security

The LokLap Security Cable provides a simple, inexpensive means for protecting your laptops, netbooks and other ICT equipment from casual theft.

Simply loop the cable around a fixed object and secure the push button lock into the security slot found on the majority of laptop and netbook models.

The multi-stranded steel chord deters cable cutters, while the LokLap’s light weight enables easy transportation between locations.


  • Fixes to the security slot found on the majority of laptop or netbook models
  • Protects devices against theft with a drill-resistant, push button lock
  • Multi-stranded steel cable deters cable-cutters
  • Light frame enables easy transportation
  • Supplied with a pair of matching keys
  • Available in range of different lengths
  • Locks suited free of charge. Mastered keys available at small extra cost


  • Link option available with extra extra cable looped onto main LokLap cable for securing multiple objects


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