iMac Security Cables

Security Cables

Our iMac Security Cable Kits provide all the components required to secure all-in-one iMac devices without indulging the smart, stylish appearance of your workspace.

Featuring a multi-stranded steel cable, padlock, cable disc, loop bracket and mouse collar, the kit is easy to use and install.

Slide the VIPA cable through the cable disc and the aperture in the iMac stand, before fastening around a fixed object using the provided loop bracket and padlock.

To secure your mouse, simply loop its wire around the VIPA cable and thread back through the mouse collar.


  • Protects iMac, keyboard and mouse against casual theft
  • Secures iMac in location with a robust padlock
  • Multi-stranded steel cable deters cable-cutters
  • Supplied with a pair of matching keys
  • Cable available in a range of lengths, with a 5mm or 10mm diameter
  • Locks suited free of charge. Mastered keys available at small extra cost


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