RM One Computer Cable Kit

Security Cables

The RM One Computer Cable Kit is designed specifically for securing RM’s all-in-one PC and monitor to the worktop, as well as its keyboard and mouse.

Supplied with a 5mm or 10mm steel cable, the kit contains an anchor bracket, cable disc and a block padlock.

The anchor bracket fixes to the RM One computer by slotting through the bolt that mounts the device to the worktop.

Once the Vipa cable is slotted through the anchor bracket, this bolt can no longer be unscrewed securing the computer in place.

To protect the keyboard and mouse, simply thread their cables through the cable disc along with the Vipa Cable, before locking in place using the supplied padlock.


  • Secures RM One all-in-one devices in their location
  • Multi-stranded steel cable deters cable cutters
  • Keyboard and mouse protected with a strong block lock
  • Standard cable length of 1.5m with a 5mm or 10mm diameter
  • Non-standard cable sizes available on enquiry


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