Vipa Cable and Anchor Pad Kit

Security Cables

The Vipa Cable and Anchor Pad Kit provides a light security measure for protecting expensive equipment against casual theft.

Containing a 5mm, 10mm or 16mm Vipa cable, a corresponding anchor pad and a padlock, the kit enables a fixed locking point to be incorporated onto expensive equipment or desk worktops.

The anchor pad fixes to any flat surface with the strong super glue supplied with the kit.

The multi-stranded steel Vipa cable is then slotted through the pads aperture before looping around any fixed object and securing in place with the robust block lock.


  • Protects mobile equipment from being moved or stolen
  • Secures equipment in location with a robust block lock
  • Multi-stranded steel cable deters cable-cutters
  • Anchor pad super-glues to any flat surface, horizontal or vertical
  • Available in a range of lengths, with a 5mm, 10mm or 16mm diameter
  • Suited option available with a standard padlock


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