Secure Ceiling Plate with Tilt

The Secure Ceiling Plate with Tilt enables AV equipment to be securely mounted to angled or uneven ceilings.  The plate allows mounted equipment to be rotated 45° along a single axis and easily fixed into position through the tightening of a bolt.

50mm columns fix to the plate with a large bolt, while acute positioning is regulated by the tightening of two grub screws.  Once the ceiling plate has been installed, access to the attached mounting column is managed by a drill-resistant lock, which is supplied with suited or non-suited keys.

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Product Features


  • Tilts up to 45° along a single axis
  • Enables projector mounting to angled ceilings
  • Locks and secures with drill-resistant push button locks
  • Fixes to mounting columns with a supplied bolt
  • Grub thumb screws fix the column in position
  • Standard colours as white, grey, silver and black
  • Supplied with suited or non-suited locks