Secure Close Coupled Ceiling Plate

Designed for tight spaces or rooms with low ceilings, the Secure Close Coupled Ceiling Plate is a lockable mounting device that is manufactured to suspend AV equipment directly from the ceiling. Close coupling eliminates the need for a mounting column as it enables any projector enclosure or mount with a swivel assembly to be attached directly to the ceiling plate.

Columns and security devices with diameters of 50mm fix to the plate with a large bolt.  Once the ceiling plate has been installed, access to the attached device is managed by a drill-resistant lock, which is supplied with suited or non-suited keys.

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Product Features


  • Fixes directly to AV security equipment, eliminating the need for a mounting column
  • Attaches to 50mm diameter swivel assemblies or mounting columns
  • Capable of taking the weight of all suspended AV equipment
  • Locks and secures with drill-resistant push button locks
  • Standard colours as white, grey, silver and black
  • Supplied with suited or non-suited locks