Tube Mount

Available in two styles, both of our Tube Mounts allow AV equipment to be suspended from columns, poles and bars found on assemblies such as show stands and lighting structures.

The mount is available as a lockable full tube enclosure that secures with drill-resistant locks, or as an open mount that attaches to poles with a robust hook.  50mm mounting columns fix to the Tube Mount with a large bolt, while acute positioning is regulated by the tightening of two grub screws.

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Product Features


  • Fixes to poles with a robust hook, or a full tube enclosure
  • Enables AV equipment to be suspended to lighting and scaffold structures
  • Capable of taking the weight of all mounted AV equipment
  • Fixes to mounting columns with a supplied bolt
  • Grub thumb screws fix the column in position
  • Standard colours as white, grey, silver and black
  • Non-standard colours and sizes available on request