Pluto Lite Projector Cage

Projector Mounts & Cages

The Pluto-Lite is manufactured with security and practicality in mind, offering a lighter alternative to our heavy-duty projector cages while still maintaining a high level of security.

The projector fixes to a versatile mounting plate and once fitted, this plate is slotted into the cage, which is locked and secured using drill resistant locks.

The device is integrated with our innovative swivel-ball mechanism that enables the mounted projector to be rotated through 360º and tilted up to 35° in all directions. When in use, full functionality of the projector is retained.

Bespoke projector cages by special request, contact our team on 0121 783 3838.


  • Protects projectors from theft through the use of drill-resistant locks
  • Designed in four sizes to fit the majority of projector types
  • Unique design enabling 360º rotation and 35º tilt
  • Provides ventilation and access for cable management
  • Attaches to a standard 50mm diameter column
  • Standard colours: white, dark grey and black


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