Jupiter - Callisto

Screen Brackets

Jupiter Callisto is a screen bracket with a unique Gas Strut and Locking Stay system to aid in both installation and maintenance. Callisto is able to pivot open from its top edge allowing access to the rear of your screens allong with any equipment stored inside. The Gas Strut is intended to support the weight of the bracket only and should only be used as an aid to lifting when the screen is attached. Once fully opened the brackets loscking Stays will engage and the screen can then be released and supported by the bracket.

Callisto is designed to accommodate AV/IT equipment and allows you to route and manage cables with a selection of fixings. The unit comes with removable lacing panels to allow the pre-setup and installation of AV or IT equipment enabling a single technician to easily install the bracket and re-attach the lacing bars with mounted equipment.

Streamline installation

Mounting Callisto to a wall only takes one technician. While that’s being
done you can be mounting your AV equipment to the removable lacing trays.

Easy maintenance

With Callisto’s unique gas strut and locking stays you can maintain and
service your screens with as few as one technician.

Secure your equipment

Lockable storage space behind the screen securely encloses your AV
equipment and conceals the screen locking bar.


  • Gas strut. (Only supports the weight of the Bracket NOT the screen. DO NOT release the screen until Stays are engaged).
  • Locking stays lock the screen bracket in it’s open position for safety.
  • Drill resistant locks.
  • Sound bar / camera mounts available.
  • Mounted either via screen arms or underside of bracket.
  • Thumb screw mounted lacing trays.
  • Lacing trays come with an array of 5.2mm dia holes for push mount cable ties. (10x included).
  • Vertical and horizontal slots allowing equipment to be strapped to the trays.
  • Arms are supplied to suit the size of your screen and will accommodate whatever vertical hole centres are required.


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