Heavy Duty Column

Heavy Duty Columns provide a thicker steel frame than usual mounting columns, to offer greater security and durability.  When combined with a TOP-TEC ceiling plate and security device, they provide a key component for suspending and securing AV equipment.

Each Heavy Duty Column up to the length of 2000mm is tested under attack conditions and the initial design was approved to Loss Prevention Certificate Board (LPCB) standards. Although LPCB do not approve columns of 2000mm or greater, we provide these sizes and others in the same design, to cater for different ceiling heights.

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Product Features


  • Original design was LPCB certified and tested under attack conditions
  • 3mm frame thickness
  • Designed in 6 sizes between 0.5m-3.0m
  • Standard colours as white, grey, silver and black
  • Non-standard colours and sizes are available on request