Screen-Bracket Adaptor

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Our solutions cover a range of security options from simple mounts to completely secure cages and screens.

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All our solutions are manufactured from steel at our factory in Birmingham with a strong and robust design that won’t let you down.

The Screen-Bracket Adaptor is designed to enable heavy screens to be securely mounted to the ceiling.

Available as either a lockable or non-lockable device, the robust adaptor fixes the JUPITER 485-Y and 485-X mounting brackets to 50mm diameter columns, while its innovative swivel assembly enables mounted screens to be rotated through 360º.

Mounting columns fix to the adaptor with a large bolt, while acute positioning is regulated by the tightening of two grub screws.

Once the lockable adaptor is installed, access to the attached mounting column is managed by a drill-resistant lock, which can be supplied with suited or non-suited keys.

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  • Enables screens up to 60″ wide to be mounted from the ceiling
  • Fixes our 485-Y and 485-X plasma mounts to 50mm mounting columns
  • Incorporates a unique swivel mechanism enabling 360º rotation
  • Designed to take the weight of all mounted AV equipment
  • Locking adaptor secures with drill-resistant locks
  • Available in black, white, grey and silver as standard


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