Stylish and elegant, the PERRY chairs unique articulated back movement increases comfort or longer seating periods. Whether chosen with or without upholstered seat and back, up to 24 chairs can be stacked on a dolly for ease of handling, or up to 12 on the floor.

The seat is suspended from the lower back, so the occupant’s weight perfectly counterbalances the tilting pressure on the backrest. This unique, maintenance-free articulating backrest allows for movement and provides support in any position.

Buying Options
Product Features


Solid steel rod frames in chrome or 24 paint finishes

  • Polypropylene seat shell available in 24 hours
  • Right/left hand removable tablet arm in 45 finishes
  • Stackable to 25 high on transport dolly
  • 15 year warranty

Additional Cost Options:

  • Upholstered Seat – Fabric Band (FB1 / 2 / 3)
  • Laminate standard writing tablet (WT)
  • Laminate oversize writing tablet (OWT)
  • Lexan glides (LG)
  • PVC rubber glides (RG)
  • Stainless glides (SG)
  • Linking wire loop (LL)
  • Transport dolly (TD)
  • Transport dolly (Perry with arms) (TDA)
  • Writing tablet transport dolly (WTD)