Adjustable Security Enclosure

Technical Desking Accessories

Secure and flexible, our Adjustable Security Enclosures can be altered in height, width and depth, allowing a wide range of computers to be secured in the same space – giving you the benefit of being free to replace PCs without having to purchase new cages or desks.

Once mounted the enclosures protect devices with a robust padlock and provide full access to function buttons, disk drives and connectivity points.


  • Fully adjustable cage enables different devices to be secured in same unit
  • Mounts vertically to the underside of ICT desks or fixed flat surfaces
  • Protects computers with high-grade steel and a strong padlock
  • Open access to all function buttons and connectivity points
  • Ventilation slots prevent overheating
  • Keys suited at no extra charge
  • Available in a range of standard and non-standard colours


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