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Empowering Esports: Unveiling TOP-TEC’s Premium Esports Furniture

Welcome to the Future of Gaming Furniture…

There has been a huge rise in Esports around the globe and it is currently seen as the biggest growth section within education.” – Pearson

In today’s digital age, Esports has transformed from a simple leisure activity to a pivotal sector within education. To meet the skyrocketing demand, we at TOP-TEC are proud to unveil our new top-tier range of gaming solutions, designed to provide a complete and immersive Esports experience.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience with TOP-TEC Esports Furniture

Did you know…

“41% of educational institutions do not have the facilities for Esports equipment.” – DELL

This is where TOP-TEC steps in. We now have a range of Esports solutions made to match your unique requirements – Our NEBULA Esports Booth and Station and, our WARRIOR Esports Cluster gaming workstations.

Each of these gaming workstations can integrate your chosen gaming equipment and are tailored to ensure that your students receive the best experience possible. These versatile, fit-for purpose and comfortable immersive gaming desks are also designed to cater to your specific IT needs by providing fully customisable options.

Why Choose TOP-TEC for Your Esports Equipment Needs?

Looking Forward: We seek to cultivate a stimulating and professional environment that deeply immerses learners into the rich, competitive culture of professional gaming.

Flexible Use: With our bespoke Esports gaming workstations, we aim to provide you with optimal gaming facilities for schools, colleges, tournaments, and even streaming.

Designed Specifically for Gaming: Designed with your IT mind from the start, rather than as an afterthought, our gaming PCs are powerful and efficient, ensuring smooth and high-definition gameplay. Our gaming desks are not only sturdy and spacious, but also ergonomically designed to maintain the comfort of the gamer, even during long gaming sessions.


Can the gaming furniture be customised for specific needs?

Absolutely! At TOP-TEC, we excel at creating tailor-made solutions that cater to your unique requirements. Whether it’s a custom layout or specific features, we’ll work closely with you to design your ideal gaming setup.

Do you cater to educational institutions only?

While we have extensive experience providing solutions for educational institutions, we’re proud to also serve businesses and even Esports tournaments. Our versatile gaming workstations are designed with adaptability in mind to suit a variety of settings.

Are the gaming PCs included in the workstation?

While our furniture is made to facilitate seamless integration of your gaming equipment, we don’t supply PCs along with the workstation.

Where are your products manufactured?

All our products are proudly designed and manufactured right here in the UK, assuring you of their high quality and adherence to stringent standards.

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