Why Should I Switch To An AV Lectern?

There are many reasons you might want to switch to an AV Lectern. TOP-TEC are leading manufacturers of AV Lecterns in the UK. So, we believe we are well placed to talk you through some of the fantastic benefits.

To start with however you should ask yourself the question ‘what do I need to achieve using this piece of furniture?’. You see, there are many differing styles of AV Lecterns to choose from. Each one has a different way of solving some of the most common issues we see in classrooms, lecture theatres, learning labs and other education spaces.

Some Of The Reasons You Might Choose An AV Lectern…

1. Control All Of Your AV From One Workstation

There’s nothing worse than trying to juggle a plethora of controls that are dotted about the place, to perform simple actions. Adjusting the lights on or off over there, switching a projector on or off over here, it quickly becomes tedious and eats into learning time. The best AV Lecterns should provide a central vessel for your AV/IT equipment, creating an all-in-one integrated solution. This gives you easy and convenient access to equipment which is connected to your network. Therefore, giving you control over things like lighting, displays and audio systems.

On top of that worktop mounted housings allows you to confidently integrate expensive equipment securely. This enables you to easily connect your portable devices, connect to the projector, control lighting & sound or manage lecture capture.

2. Plug In & Go! Save Time At The Start Of Lectures

AV lecterns have easily accessible power and data ports on worktops. This allows students and staff to show up, plug in, and be ready to share work, present ideas or control the rest of the rooms connected equipment. Consequently, saving valuable time at the start of lessons and lectures and streamlining the whole experience.

3. Protect Your Investment And Reduce IT Call Outs

One of the major issues faced by users of wooden lecterns is reliability and longevity. AV Lecterns manufactured at our factory in the UK from high quality steel. Therefore, providing security for your valuable AV/IT equipment. In addition, eliminating any cable tampering from either staff or students that could compromise the internal AV setup. They will last a lifetime and provide a level of security that wooden lecterns simply cannot match, decreasing the possibility of theft.

4. Save Time During Maintenance Calls

AV lecterns are designed with IT considered from the start, rather than as afterthought, providing quick & simple access to AV/IT equipment saving you time during routine maintenance or reconfiguration.

5. Suitable For All Users

A major consideration should be ‘Who is going to be using the lectern?’ and ‘Does the lectern need to offer flexibility to its users?’ You can use height adjustable lecterns and ergonomic monitor arms. These are a fantastic way to allow users to set their workstations to any position they require for comfort and Equality Act compliance.

6. Make A Great First Impression

Customising the colour and branding of your AV Lectern allows you to reinforce your brand’s identity. Additionally, they can fit into the rest of your scheme, promoting your establishments identity to its full potential.

7. Keep To Your Project Deadlines

AV integrated lecterns can give you access to rack systems prior to receiving your lectern. This allows users to populate racks with equipment whilst the lectern is being built, saving valuable project time.

So What’s The Right AV Lectern For Me?

How much space do you have? What type of learning styles are you trying to implement? These are all important questions when selecting the right AV lectern.

Small spaces such as meeting rooms or small classrooms where floor space is a premium can benefit greatly from simple space saving AV lecterns. These lecterns are designed to give you all the benefits we’ve gone through above but in a more compact package.

Larger spaces such as lecture theatres might call for a larger statement piece that doesn’t get lost in a bigger floorspace and can be kitted out with a plethora of AV equipment. If you are going to mainly be giving presentations then perhaps a podium style lectern is all you need. Where-as if you are to be using the lectern as a base of operations, presenting in many styles and switching between many presentation mediums, a full desk style AV Lectern maybe perfect for your needs.

Whatever the case we are here to help!

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