Utilising Space Saving Technical Lecterns

In this post we will be discussing how you can make the most of your space when what you have is limited, overcrowded or used for many differing applications by utilising space saving AV lecterns.

What Are Your Needs?

First, let’s establish what your space is like in general. Are you fitting out a traditional teaching space, populated by a good number of desks with a presentation space at one end of the room? Are you creating a collaborative area where you need control of multiple displays, and other AV equipment, from a control point? Perhaps you have plenty of space around you, or are working in an open plan area, but are limited to where you can house your equipment?

Okay, so what are the features your lectern needs to have in order to fit your requirements? Do you need a slim solution that fits your space, and allows you to manoeuvre easily in and out of confined areas? Is maintaining the work surface and storage options that larger traditional lecterns provide an important feature for you? Does your lectern absolutely need to be mobile or can your lectern be fixed in place? Do you require the flexibility of a mobile unit?

Space Saving Solutions

TOP-TEC’s Rubi range allows you to head down the traditional path, using a standing height lectern that can accommodate your AV equipment. It provides a substantial work surface, but maintains a high level of manoeuvrability with a slim body mounted on castors. Rubi is an economical multimedia lectern for small rooms. It is a compact solution allowing it to be placed in areas where space is limited. All four sides of these mobile lecterns are lockable and detachable from the frame, providing easy access to equipment.

If you are limited on floor space, you might opt for a wall mounted solution. These solutions can provide storage for PC and AV equipment, with a usable work surface. As well, they offers a degree of flexibility when presenting at the front of the class. TOP-TEC’s Juno range Is ideally suited to space saving applications.

On the other hand, maybe all you really require is a control unit to securely house your AV/IT equipment. The unit could even be remote controlled from somewhere accessible & convenient in the same room. The Slimline Active Learning Console (SALC) has been specifically designed to help integrate AV/IT into smaller learning environments. This can drastically reduce the footprint of the technical furniture, within the space.


Lecterns are great for securely storing AV equipment, they also provide a workstation for lecturers. A slimline Rubi lectern allows you to do just that in a compact unit. It also provides better movement in and amongst classroom furniture, compared to larger lecterns.

The main benefit of moving away from a traditional ‘podium at the front of the classroom’ approach, is the promotion of Active Learning methods. They encourage teachers to interact with students, rather than being placed behind a stationary lectern.

Utilising space saving solutions, such as the Juno, allows you to get the most out of any room granting more floor space. All whilst still maintaining the benefits of secure storage for AV equipment, and a dedicated workstation. Combine these solutions with our agile furniture, and you have yourself a flexible space that can accommodate any teaching style.

If you’re really limited on space, or you need the space to be as flexible as possible, you may opt for a control panel style solution. We’ve managed to fit the best features of a lectern into the space-saving SALC unit. It features a removable lacing panel, space for a small PC and apertures for a control panel. This unit allows you to maintain control of the AV equipment in your room, while reducing its footprint.

Get In Touch

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements further, we have a team of specialists who can help you to work out the best solution for your space. TOP-TEC make the process easy by offering design services and manufacturing capabilities. This allows us to customise our products. Get in touch via e-mail or give us a call on +44(0)121 783 3838. We can discuss your requirements, and you can hear our professional recommendations.

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