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Audio Visual Lecterns - Our Range of Contemporary, Innovative AV Lecterns

We provide a range of Audio Visual Lecterns as part of our Audio Visual furniture range. Our comprehensive range of AV lectern equipment are designed to accommodate all types of room space. Including small to medium sized teaching rooms, large lecture theatres, agile workspaces, presentation rooms and reception areas.
We offer a range of height adjustable podium lecterns. These products allow the entire surface to rise and fall, suiting all user preferences. They are also Equality Act compliant, allowing wheelchair access. Height adjustability is key in modern teaching and learning. It allows users the option of standing, which is proven to increase productivity.  
The TOP-TEC audio visual lectern features versatile removable rack units that fully integrate AV lectern equipment. This helps to facilitate easy configurations for technicians. Each lectern comes with complete cable management. It also provides easy access and a safe environment for all users, with no trailing cables. We offer a Desktop Machining service on all lectern stands that is completely customisable to the customer requirements. This ensures the consistency of hole sizes and locations. It also reduces disruption and dust on site, or in rack build environments.
We also provide an in-house branding service. This service allows us to match your corporate identity on all TOP-TEC Audio Visual Lecterns. High quality vinyl prints of your logo can be applied to the surface of all podium lecterns. This allows you to promote your branding to students, employees and customers. We also offer illuminated branding on a range of lecterns. This is a high-quality laser cut back, with an illuminated custom print of your logo. This means we can achieve the design, style and execution that you desire.
As we design and manufacture of all our Audio Visual Lecterns in-house, we can provide a unique level of customisation. Therefore, all of your requirements can be met in full. This may include adapting your mounting equipment to fit your specific device. As well as discussing how integrating corporate branding within our products, or configuring our AV furniture for your specific IT or AV needs.


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