Building a Cyber-Ready Generation: Exploring the Rise of Cyber Security in Education

Summary. Discover the growing importance of Cyber Security in Education! Explore the UK’s curriculum, career pathways, and the need for dedicated spaces. TOP-TEC’s solutions enhance practical learning experiences.


In today’s hyper-connected world, where technology pervades every aspect of our lives, the importance of cyber security has become paramount. From data breaches to ransomware attacks, the threats in the digital realm are more prevalent than ever before. The world is beginning to recognise the urgency to protect against cyber threats and the educational sector is responding.

Cyber Security in Education 

“There are currently 81 universities across the UK that offer cyber security courses.” (Complete University Guide, Study Link,

The UK’s cybersecurity landscape is shaped by a number of factors, one of which being the educational sector.  It can provide the workforce required to address cyberattack issues by providing cyber security degrees, programmes, and courses. This is noteworthy as the demand for cyber-security professionals in the UK increased by 58 percent last year, but the shortage of qualified personnel has more than tripled (The Stack).

How is the UK Curriculum in Cyber Security?

The UK curriculum provides a framework for teaching cyber security concepts. These programs provide in-depth knowledge and practical skills in areas such as ethical hacking, network security, and information assurance. The education is more prevalent in college and university levels where classes cover a variety of subjects ranging from digital forensics to psychology trainings that teach students to think like hackers in order to effectively defend against cyberattacks.

There are also external organisations and initiatives in the UK that offer cyber security education and certifications, such as CyberFirst by the National Cyber Security Centre, which provides opportunities for young people interested in pursuing cyber security careers.

Cyber Security in Education

Are there Career Pathways for Cyber Security Students?

The sky is indeed the limit for cyber security students. As job roles in cyber security are already in high demand, there is almost certainly a job ready for a cyber security professional.

There are jobs in security engineering, digital forensic investigation, management, consulting and even education. Cyber security professionals have the opportunities in a variety of sectors and also have countless choices to do more specialised roles.

Although the curriculum is extensive and there are limitless career opportunities for cyber security students, there is a limit to the extent students can visualise their learning content because they are taught in standard classrooms. According to the British Council, practical learning environments increase student focus and promote meaningful learning experiences. Hence the need for educational institutions offering cyber security to have dedicated spaces for practical and experiential learning.

Why Have a Dedicated Cyber Security Space

  • Improve student employability skills

Ensure students obtain real life digital skills to enhance future employment opportunities with modern teaching facilities and resources.

  • Hit the ground running!

Provide students with modern, professional, and fit for purpose spaces to work in so that they can seamlessly transition from education to the workplace.

  • Teach the way you want!

Support your teaching methods and give lecturers and students controlled environments to undergo practical and project work.

  • Stand out from the crowd

With nearly half of UK Universities now offering Cyber Security courses, provide that wow factor and create facilities that encourage prospective students to sign up to your course!

Cyber Security in Education

How is TOP-TEC becoming involved?

At TOP-TEC we excel at providing specialised furniture solutions for teaching spaces, with IT and AV. We have experience with creating cyber security spaces as part of past projects, including providing institutions with cyber labs.

Creating a Cyber Lab for University College Birmingham

Our most recent cyber lab project was with University College Birmingham who wanted to create a dedicated cyber security lab, where students could apply their learning and training in a controlled environment and undergo practical and project work.

We made their vision become a reality by designing and creating the perfect space for their cyber security students. We supplied our Crucible range  which gave students access to two monitors whilst saving worktop space and maximising the number of users in the room. The design also featured a dark colour scheme which helped emphasize the lighting within the space and was a real wow factor for students.

Our customers were pleased with the results and described the Cyber Security Lab as an inspiring teaching and learning environment which allows students work within dynamic surroundings and enhances the learning experience.

Find out more about our Cyber Security Lab installation at University College Birmingham here.

TOP-TEC products offer fantastic flexibility, and we are working on more creative ways to use our products in a Cyber Security Lab space. We look forward to collaborating with colleges and universities as they become more aware of the need to invest in Cyber Security education.

Cyber Security in Education


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