Employee Spotlight: Samantha Clarke

In our brand new employee spotlight feature, we sat down with one of our latest starters Samantha Clarke to get to know her a bit better, see how she is getting on and welcome her to our growing TOP-TEC family!

What is your name and what do you do at TOP-TEC?

My name is Samantha Clarke, and I am an HR Administrator at TOP-TEC.

How long have you worked with TOP-TEC and why did you choose the company?

I started working with TOP-TEC 5 months ago.

TOP-TEC gave me my dream opportunity. I wanted to pursue a career in HR, but I was told by many employers that it would be difficult to do that due to the processes required and I should apply for Admin roles instead.

Therefore I applied for an Admin role in TOP-TEC but during my interview, I was asked, “Where do you see yourself, HR or Admin?”. I told them I was interested in HR though even though I was being interviewed for an Admin role and they gave me a role in HR!

TOP-TEC saw me as me as I am, recognised my talents and, knew I would be more suitable as an HR professional for the company.

What do you love most about your job?

I take great pleasure in being there to help employees navigate through work dynamics and participating in employee relations. It’s just really fulfilling for me.

I also generally enjoy being with and around people and this job allows me to do that.

What is one thing you wish your co-workers knew about your job?

I want my colleagues to know that they can reach out to me whenever they need assistance, and I’m always eager to lend a hand. With my understanding in HR, I can provide specialised guidance to our employees whenever it’s needed.

What are some of your favourite memories in TOP-TEC?

Anytime we are all just laughing. Some people here are so funny! They can say the simplest things, but it can be absolutely hilarious.

I also enjoy when I am part of the recruitment process of a candidate, and I see them progress to being an employee. Seeing people, I recruit start their career at TOP-TEC and happily carrying out their day-to-day at TOP-TEC gives me an overwhelming sense of achievement.

Tell me something about you that most people in the office don’t know?

I have a tattoo of the world map on my back! I’ve always loved the world and learning about different countries, so I decided to have it on my back. It also helps cover up an old tattoo. 

What are you most looking forward to during your career in TOP-TEC?

TOP-TEC has a very long and successful history and has been evolving for over 65 years till now. I am looking forward to the next stage of the company’s evolution and being a part of it.
We are thrilled to have featured Samantha on this month’s employee spotlight! Her unique skills, enthusiasm, and fresh perspective are already making a positive impact at TOP-TEC.

Stay tuned for more employee spotlights as we continue to showcase the talented individuals who make TOP-TEC a fantastic place to work!